Apps for Schools

Your school has a website that conforms with all the DfE requirements! It’s responsive and beautiful… But it’s not an app!

At Angel Applications, we hold the proud record of being the first company to offer apps to schools and although many companies have emulated what we do, none come close when it comes to price!

All our apps feature:

  • 1 million FREE push notifications to parents per month;
  • Your own control panel to edit and upload information to your app;
  • Simple to use interface;
  • Up to 9 buttons containing a selection of information to keep your parents informed;
  • Your school logo;
  • Your school colours;
  • No branding from us – it’s your app!

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not. We’re a company founded by working teachers and we believe that schools should use their funds to improve the standard of education for their children – not given to fat cat companies offering extortionately priced websites and apps.

So our charging is ridiculously simple:

  • An iPhone app – £300
  • An iPhone app and an Android App – £400
  • An iPhone app, an iPad app and an Android app – £500

And that’s it!! No other fees!

We work with you throughout the process and submit when you’re happy!

Download a free sample from the App Store here!